Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Twisted Sisters Art Journal CJ

Yes, this cj still doing the rounds, I've just been very tardy with my blogging!  This is a UKScrappers CJ organised by Kitty Crafts.  My latest one is Mags "Explore", an opportunity to share an arty technique you've been meaning to try, a good way to get you from thinking about it to doing it, so thanks Mags :) .  I found a really cool technique for kids using paint and a credit card to make trees - it was so much fun, easy and gave brilliant results: Check it out Here

And sticking with childs play,  I used the wet tissue technique to add colour to the next pages to create background for Stan.  You basically wet the paper, layer bits of tissue paper on the top and then remove, the colour seeps from the tissue to your base paper.  I would gesso the page first if the base paper is quite flimsy and test your tissue paper, not all tissue paper weeps.  I applied pale lilac paint over the top to tone it down a bit and using the credit card again with acrylic paint I created  a border.

TFL  Lou x

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Christmas Junk Journal 2015

I'm taking part in a Christmas Junk Journal swap over on UKScrappers, hosted by Kitty Crafts.  Make 25 pages and wait patiently for 25 different pages to be returned :)

Here's a few pictures of my pages

1. Stencilled Acetate

2. Paper Collaged Christmas Trees

3. more Stencilled Acetate

4. Paper Scraps, pages with pockets

Looking forward to getting a different selection back 

TFL Lou x

Sunday, 2 August 2015

Vintage Wings

Unstampabelles August Challenge: White-on-white with one other colour.  I love the look of white-on-white but find it really hard to achieve, I'm a girl that just loves colour!  I want to use old distressed book pages so went with Gold as my secondary colour as it helps the 'aged' effect.

Vintage Wings Mixed Media Canvas


1. Prime the canvas with gesso.
2. Using stencils and modelling paste create some dimension (Harlequin effect and old Roman letters).
3. Apply a thin layer of gesso.
4. Add highlights with white iridescent paint.
5. Add more highlights with gold paint and distress the edges.
6. Cover book pages lightly with white gesso.
7. Cut out using the sizzix wings die x 3, edge with gold paint and layer up.
8. Attach to canvas.  
9. Cut out and attach 4 stars from gold painted paper.
10. Add a label, beads and other embellishments.

I still feel it needs something to bring it to life, so I've added a small metal heart charm in the brightest pink ever!!  I do love colour and for me it finishes the piece beautifully.

TFL Lou x

Sunday, 5 July 2015

July Unstampabelles : Grab A Bunch Of Flowers

As summer is finally approaching the challenge over at Unstampabelles - "Grab A Bunch Of Flowers" is very apt as my garden is slowly coming into bloom.  Make any kind of project as long as its a mass of flowers and remember its to be a STAMP free piece of art.  I've made this art journal piece. Gerbera's are my favourite flower and quilling is the perfect technique for them.

I look forward to seeing your own wee gardens in full bloom 

TFL Lou x

Sunday, 28 June 2015

UKS Twisted Sisters July CJ

For July, I have Gills The UKS Twisted CJ, the theme is 'In Disguise'.  Took me a while to come up with a plan but here goes.....we've all kissed a few frogs in our lifetime while hoping for our Prince/Princess Charming.  A photo of  a frog was my starting point.....

As with all other CJ entries for the Twisted Sisters, I create a background for the next person, 
and here it is, lots of gesso and lime green paint with hints of my new 6x6 stencil by Prima

Next up is 'Book of Favourites', I wonder what that will be about!

TFL Lou x

Sunday, 14 June 2015

Unstampabelles: Felicity Aston, Adventurer and Explorer

The Unstampabelles challenge continues with the theme of Heros and Heroines.  With the UK recently having its General Elections I was thinking about doing something around the suffragette movement, I had it all planned out, all supplies in place and then I stumbled across a book; 'Do It Like A Woman' by Caroline-Criado-Perez .

This book is a celebration of modern day women.  I'm on chapter 2 and its dedicated to Felicity Aston.  Already I've digressed from the book but felt compelled to do more research on this amazing woman, explorer and adventurer.

You may remember the  Kaspersky ONE Trans-Antarctic Expedition, in 2012 Felicity became the first explorer/adventurer to ski across Antartica ALONE!  An amazing feat by any measure.  The sheer vastness of this landscape and the feeling of total isolation alone would be hard to ever truly comprehend.  Check out Felicity's blog HERE , and this Youtube about her Trans-Antarctic Expedition HERE .

I am intrigued by the frozen regions of our world, so here's to Felicity Aston, a woman after my own heart.  May her adventures continue to inspire others.

Felicity Aston,
Adventurer and Explorer

There are so many amazing people out there past and present.  Some inspire us with their unlimited supply of strength and compassion for caring for others while others inspire us through their desire to challenge what we know and accept in todays world, be it through health, education, human rights,  inventions, technology, science etc. 

We look forward to celebrating your hero and heroines with you and reading about why you admire these people so much.  

TFL Lou x 

Sunday, 31 May 2015

Unstampabelles #48 Heros and Heroines

For the month of JUNE at Unstampabelles the theme is "Who is Your Hero/Heroine? "  We all have someone we look up to and admire. Create a mixed media item to celebrate your hero! (It is also the Queen's birthday and Ramadan month, if this helps for some). Your hero may be your spouse or another family member, a national or international figure or indeed a fictional person. 
The twist is to journal about it in your blog.

Mr Albert Einstein has always been a hero to me.  I am a bit of a maths geek but no-where near Alberts level of GENIUS, to have such a powerful driving desire and purpose is totally amazing.

I love his quote 
"Out of clutter, find simplicity" 
and I've used that a as a basis for my altered paint brush.  

TFL Lou x

Saturday, 23 May 2015

Blunder Woman Strikes Again

I'm really enjoying the UKS Twisted Sisters CJ.  Lots of fun topics coming up.  The latest one is Lifes Lessons, and I just couldn't resist this digital image of Blunder Woman from Doctor Digi House of Stamps , she is such a fun old dear!!

Another great background from Stan to work with, I have added in some distressed clock faces and bits of grey......

This is the background for Kitty to work on next time

TFL Lou x

Sunday, 17 May 2015

Unstampabelles #47 - Family History part II

My second project for the Unstampabelles May challenge (Family History and Make It Vintage") is a layout about me and my big sister.  IIt wasn't until I was looking through an old photo album that I realised my Mum always tried to have us in matching outfits.   These capes and ribbon buckled shoes reminded me of Mary Quant.  My Mum can't remember the occasion but we look so sweet and smart, we were a right pair of trouble makers though!!
We are standing in our Grandparents drive.  Mrs Proudly, the lady who made those gorgeous capes lives in the house behind us in the photo.  Ahhh Happy Memories....

Check out the Unstampabelles blog for more details about the challenge and be inspired by the other entries, we'd love to see your work.

TFL Lou x

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

UKS Twisted Sisters May

We are well into our Twisted Sisters CJ on UKS and for this month (May) I have Sue's 'FREAK ART' to play with.
The gorgeous background I had to work on from Stan:

My finished page with Octopodes Dorothy.

My background for Karen to work on next month.

TFL Lou x

Sunday, 3 May 2015

Unstampabelles #47 - Family History part I

My first project for the Unstampabelles May challenge is a scrapbook layout of my gorgeous Mum at 6 years old, working hard at school.  

The theme this month is FAMILY TREE with the twist to 'Make It Vintage .  Check out the blog for more details about the challenge and other inspiring entries.

I've used some vintage style papers from my scrapbooking stash and some old flowers.  I didn't have enough brads to match so I used Alcohol Inks to co-ordinate them.  I punched out a couple of butterflies from some scraps of paper and journaled about the photo.  I knew exactly what I wanted to do and for a change the LO came together really quickly.

TFL Lou x

Sunday, 19 April 2015

Unstampabelles April #46 Oh! Baby - An Altered CD Door Hanger

My second project for the Unstampabelles April challenge is an altered CD door hanger.  Check out the blog for more details about the challenge.

"Shh Baby Sleeping"

1. Take an old CD and draw around it on to some light blue card.  
2. Cut out the card and ink around the edges.
3. Cut a couple of strips of tissue paper 2" wide to make the ruffle.
4. Attach ruffle by glueing onto the card and then glue on CD. (the ruffle is sandwiched between the CD and the card)
5. Cut out 3 Teddy Bears using a Sizzix Die, and attach to the top 3rd of the circle.
6. Cut out "shh" and "BABY" with sizzix alphabet die, and attach.
7. "Sleeping" are stickers mounted individually onto dark blue card, cut out and glued in place.
8. Using a cropodile, make 2 holes at the top and attach ribbon for hanging.
9. Make another small hole at the bottom with the cropodile and attach dark blue ribbon threaded with buttons.
10. Scatter a few self adhesive gems around the design.

Hope you've enjoyed this baby project.  We love to see what you've made so please share over at Unstampabelles.

Lou x

Sunday, 5 April 2015

Unstampabelles April #46 : Oh! Baby

I am delighted to announce that I am now a member of the Unstampabelles design team. I am really looking forward to creating some new projects and rising to the challenge of NOT using any kind of stamps.

Monthly challenges are set and you can create using any craft supplies etc  BUT stamps (rubber/digi etc).  How often do reach for your stamps to add words or just for that little finishing touch?  Well, with these challenges all stamps are banned, it can be quite a challenge.

This month the theme is 'Oh! Baby' and the twist is to make a non-traditional styled project for a baby. 

Baby Boats

Love these babies, had so much fun playing.

1. cut out some cardboard shapes and used a straw for the mast. 

2. Assemble and papier mache, I applied 3 layers.  Leave to dry.
3. Paint with gesso.
4. Paint with pink or blue acrylic paint.
5. Cut sails and wrap around the mast.
6. Using thin jewellery wire thread through the straw and passed through the side of the boat.  
7. Attach a bead through the wire at the top of the straw
8. Cut small diamond shapes and attach as bunting to the wire.
9. Using my sizzix alphabet cut out the names or initials.

I hope you will join us at Unstampabelles, we love to see everyones work.

TFL Lou x

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

UKS Twisted Sisters CJ

I'm taking part in the UKS Twisted Sisters CJ, its a while since I've done a cj and this one is very much right up my street, mixed media art journalling - time to get messy - Bliss.

 Using this gorgeous background by Stan as a starting point I created this page using this fabulous  digital clown stamp by Rick St Dennis.

I created this background in Stan's cj for Kitty to play with

Next up was Jibba Jabba's cj, I was a bit more organised with the recording of this journey.

My additions to Stans page, yes, its a twisted cj, so we need to 
1. add to the other pages and 
2. create a background for the next player to use.

Additions: Star Gazing Hares, wings and a bit of shading round some of the houses.

Using Stan's background I created this using my new Donna Downey stencils

Next step, create a background for Kitty to play with

1. Glue down some collage pages and using my current favourite Brocade stencil and blue paint

2.  Apply Gesso and lilac paints, then stamped with a 'scratched' stamp, hope you enjoy playing with it Kitty.

Looking forward to the next one........watch this space

TFL Lou x

Monday, 16 March 2015

Journaling by 5's - an art journalling challenge

Journaling by 5's, an art journalling idea by Shannon Green has gone viral.  There's a fb group, lots of youtube videos as peeps try to work on 20 art journalling pages in sets of 15 mins.

Step 1 : Paint/Ink up 20 pages in 15 mins
Step 2 : Add Collage/recycle papers  to the 20 pages in 15 mins
Step 3 : Stamp/Stencil on the 20 pages in yes you've guessed, 15 mins
Step 4 : Add focal point and/or words to the 20 pages in 15 mins
Step 5 : Doodle with pen/pencils on the 20 pages in 15 mins.

So, I've been feeling a bit lacking in the creative mojo department and thought this would be a fabulous way to loosen up.  My daughter popped over yesterday for Mothers Day and we both decided to have a play.  It was so much fun..........here's my step 1 thru 4, step 5 coming soon!

Step 1 Paint 20 pages in 15 mins 

Step 2 Add collage papers to 20 pages in 15 mins 

Step 3 Stamp/Stencil 20 pages in 15 mins 
I ran out of time with 3 still to go, so I played for another 2 mins to complete the 20 pages.

Step 4 Add Focal Point and/or Words
(I faffed around a bit here selecting images, preparation is definitely key to completing this step)

I've created a beautiful unique set of pages in a style that I would not normally consider. 
It was so much fun and very freeing.  Step 5 doodling still to do, watch this space.

TFL Lou x

Sunday, 8 March 2015

Unstampabelles March challenge Take II

Here is my 2nd piece as guest designer over at Unstampabelles.  Pop over and have a look at all the other inspiring entries, you'll not be disappointed.

Mail Art 'Peace Graffiti'

1. I spent ages getting the words to wrap around the PEACE symbol, once I was happy I traced the design onto the card and went over the lines with a permanent black marker.  This sounds like a simple step but I spent about 2 hours playing with the letters!  
2. Using Chalk Pastels colour in a rainbow over the Peace sign.
3. Make a mask for the rainbow design, I used a post-it.
4. Using a brick wall stencil and distress inks, build up the brick effect and then splatter on some brown ink.

Thanks for looking.  I hope I've inspired you to be creative.

Lou x

Sunday, 1 March 2015

Unstampabelles March Challenge

Last month at Unstampabelles I was the DT Favourite with my Thank You card and I was asked if I'd like to be guest designer for March, oh yes please, I'd love to.  The theme for March is Harmony and/or Peace with the twist to incorporate flight into your creation.  The meditating Buddha is a frequent icon in my art work and decided to incorporate it into my art journal.

I'm not sure of you ever watch any of Carolyn Dubes videos but she refers to an OOPS as 
an Outstanding Opportunity has Presented its Self.
I had a few OOPS with this art journal page!

Art Journal Layers

1. White gesso tinted with a drop of yellow acrylic paint.
2. Using a handmade sun ray stencil, I dabbed on yellow acrylic paint.
3. Brush on a layer of clear irridescent paint, this creates a lovely shimmer.
4. Cut out the word PEACE wish my sizzix die, I used these letters as a stencil and deep purple paint.
    This was my first OOPS!  The letters where cut out of thick plastic and the paint seeped under the            letters, so had to use a craft knife to scratch away the excess paint, this distressed the letters and I liked the look. the words 'comes from within' are hand written.
5. OOPS 2 - I wanted to paint 3 circles in the bottom right hand side of the page, I was a bit heavy handed with the paint, so the circles looked like really messy splurges, so I decided to rub away the paint but it left a light pink residue, so now introducing a lovely pink border.
6.  The branches are sizzix dies cut from brown envelopes and coloured with brown ink.  The blossoms are off cuts from some of my handmade tissue paper fabric.
7. Buddha is another of my handmade stencils with dark brown acrylic paint and treasure gold.  A black permanent ink marker is used add depth to the Buddha.
8. The butterflies have been punched out of an old music sheet and coloured with blue intense pencils.

Looking forward to seeing what others come up with for this challenge. No stamping allowed!

Thanks for stopping by.  Lou x

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Unstampabelles February Challenge

I'm delighted to have received the DT pick of the month from Unstampabelles for my Thank You card in the January challenge.  Thank You Unstampabelles.

The challenge at Unstampabelles this month is to incorporate a national symbol or iconic image from your country into your work - something a stranger to your land would immediately recognise as being of your place.  The twist is to use the colours from your country's flag on your project somewhere
Note too, that it does not have to be a card - you can make any paper project as long as you don't use a stamp of any kind on it (excluding postage stamps - you can use them!)

I am loving stag heads at the moment and thought it would look fabulous against the Scotland flag.

1. I made a stag head stencil and used ink to colour in.
2. Using more ink and a straw, I blew through a straw to get the antlers, this is so much fun and unpredictable, it took a few attempts to get the look I was after!
3. Using the sticky part of a post it  note, I masked off the cross, then coloured the remaining area with light blue pan pastels.
4. The edges are inked with a dark blue ink.
5. Mounted my design onto a white card base.

TFL Lou x

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Thank You Card

I'm back with another card for the UnstampaBelles Challenge; this month its a Thank You card, you can use any craft supplies but NO stamps, rubber or digi etc.  Each challenge comes with an optional TWIST; this month look out the window and incorporate something you see.  Well, living in Scotland, we are in the middle of winter and its very frosty out there with lots of dead seed heads in the garden.

Thank You


1. Take a piece of scrap card, cover with an old book page and colour with lilac pan pastels.
2. Cut out a 'Chloe Stem' from a Memory Box metal die and colour wih a deep purple Bic Mark-it pen.  Attach some crystals.
3. Glue the die cut in place, wrap some purple embroidery thread around the base and add a small tag with a letter 'x' sticker.

Thanks for popping by.

Lou x