Monday, 16 March 2015

Journaling by 5's - an art journalling challenge

Journaling by 5's, an art journalling idea by Shannon Green has gone viral.  There's a fb group, lots of youtube videos as peeps try to work on 20 art journalling pages in sets of 15 mins.

Step 1 : Paint/Ink up 20 pages in 15 mins
Step 2 : Add Collage/recycle papers  to the 20 pages in 15 mins
Step 3 : Stamp/Stencil on the 20 pages in yes you've guessed, 15 mins
Step 4 : Add focal point and/or words to the 20 pages in 15 mins
Step 5 : Doodle with pen/pencils on the 20 pages in 15 mins.

So, I've been feeling a bit lacking in the creative mojo department and thought this would be a fabulous way to loosen up.  My daughter popped over yesterday for Mothers Day and we both decided to have a play.  It was so much's my step 1 thru 4, step 5 coming soon!

Step 1 Paint 20 pages in 15 mins 

Step 2 Add collage papers to 20 pages in 15 mins 

Step 3 Stamp/Stencil 20 pages in 15 mins 
I ran out of time with 3 still to go, so I played for another 2 mins to complete the 20 pages.

Step 4 Add Focal Point and/or Words
(I faffed around a bit here selecting images, preparation is definitely key to completing this step)

I've created a beautiful unique set of pages in a style that I would not normally consider. 
It was so much fun and very freeing.  Step 5 doodling still to do, watch this space.

TFL Lou x

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