Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Twisted Sisters Art Journal CJ

Yes, this cj still doing the rounds, I've just been very tardy with my blogging!  This is a UKScrappers CJ organised by Kitty Crafts.  My latest one is Mags "Explore", an opportunity to share an arty technique you've been meaning to try, a good way to get you from thinking about it to doing it, so thanks Mags :) .  I found a really cool technique for kids using paint and a credit card to make trees - it was so much fun, easy and gave brilliant results: Check it out Here

And sticking with childs play,  I used the wet tissue technique to add colour to the next pages to create background for Stan.  You basically wet the paper, layer bits of tissue paper on the top and then remove, the colour seeps from the tissue to your base paper.  I would gesso the page first if the base paper is quite flimsy and test your tissue paper, not all tissue paper weeps.  I applied pale lilac paint over the top to tone it down a bit and using the credit card again with acrylic paint I created  a border.

TFL  Lou x