Sunday, 13 March 2016

Chunky Fatbook Swap UKScrappers

Over on UKScrappers, Kitty Crafts is running a chunky fat book swap.  A fat book is a small 4"x4" chunky board like book.  FAT means very chunky.  The base of each page is mount board.   I decided to try my hand at some hot glue gun designs.  I definitely need to practise a bit more, but happy with the outcome and  'chunkiness'.

The base is mount board.  I used the hot glue gun to  make scribble circles, then layered with Gesso, blue and purple acrylic paint and treasure gold wax.  The large stars are mount board collaged with copies of music paper, then covered with gesso and gold paint.  A small sequin star was then attached.  Old pieces of wire were twisted to make rough swirls and then added around the main star.

Thanks for looking

Lou x

Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Twisted Sisters Art Journal CJ

Yes, this cj still doing the rounds, I've just been very tardy with my blogging!  This is a UKScrappers CJ organised by Kitty Crafts.  My latest one is Mags "Explore", an opportunity to share an arty technique you've been meaning to try, a good way to get you from thinking about it to doing it, so thanks Mags :) .  I found a really cool technique for kids using paint and a credit card to make trees - it was so much fun, easy and gave brilliant results: Check it out Here

And sticking with childs play,  I used the wet tissue technique to add colour to the next pages to create background for Stan.  You basically wet the paper, layer bits of tissue paper on the top and then remove, the colour seeps from the tissue to your base paper.  I would gesso the page first if the base paper is quite flimsy and test your tissue paper, not all tissue paper weeps.  I applied pale lilac paint over the top to tone it down a bit and using the credit card again with acrylic paint I created  a border.

TFL  Lou x

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Christmas Junk Journal 2015

I'm taking part in a Christmas Junk Journal swap over on UKScrappers, hosted by Kitty Crafts.  Make 25 pages and wait patiently for 25 different pages to be returned :)

Here's a few pictures of my pages

1. Stencilled Acetate

2. Paper Collaged Christmas Trees

3. more Stencilled Acetate

4. Paper Scraps, pages with pockets

Looking forward to getting a different selection back 

TFL Lou x

Sunday, 2 August 2015

Vintage Wings

Unstampabelles August Challenge: White-on-white with one other colour.  I love the look of white-on-white but find it really hard to achieve, I'm a girl that just loves colour!  I want to use old distressed book pages so went with Gold as my secondary colour as it helps the 'aged' effect.

Vintage Wings Mixed Media Canvas


1. Prime the canvas with gesso.
2. Using stencils and modelling paste create some dimension (Harlequin effect and old Roman letters).
3. Apply a thin layer of gesso.
4. Add highlights with white iridescent paint.
5. Add more highlights with gold paint and distress the edges.
6. Cover book pages lightly with white gesso.
7. Cut out using the sizzix wings die x 3, edge with gold paint and layer up.
8. Attach to canvas.  
9. Cut out and attach 4 stars from gold painted paper.
10. Add a label, beads and other embellishments.

I still feel it needs something to bring it to life, so I've added a small metal heart charm in the brightest pink ever!!  I do love colour and for me it finishes the piece beautifully.

TFL Lou x

Sunday, 5 July 2015

July Unstampabelles : Grab A Bunch Of Flowers

As summer is finally approaching the challenge over at Unstampabelles - "Grab A Bunch Of Flowers" is very apt as my garden is slowly coming into bloom.  Make any kind of project as long as its a mass of flowers and remember its to be a STAMP free piece of art.  I've made this art journal piece. Gerbera's are my favourite flower and quilling is the perfect technique for them.

I look forward to seeing your own wee gardens in full bloom 

TFL Lou x

Sunday, 28 June 2015

UKS Twisted Sisters July CJ

For July, I have Gills The UKS Twisted CJ, the theme is 'In Disguise'.  Took me a while to come up with a plan but here goes.....we've all kissed a few frogs in our lifetime while hoping for our Prince/Princess Charming.  A photo of  a frog was my starting point.....

As with all other CJ entries for the Twisted Sisters, I create a background for the next person, 
and here it is, lots of gesso and lime green paint with hints of my new 6x6 stencil by Prima

Next up is 'Book of Favourites', I wonder what that will be about!

TFL Lou x

Sunday, 14 June 2015

Unstampabelles: Felicity Aston, Adventurer and Explorer

The Unstampabelles challenge continues with the theme of Heros and Heroines.  With the UK recently having its General Elections I was thinking about doing something around the suffragette movement, I had it all planned out, all supplies in place and then I stumbled across a book; 'Do It Like A Woman' by Caroline-Criado-Perez .

This book is a celebration of modern day women.  I'm on chapter 2 and its dedicated to Felicity Aston.  Already I've digressed from the book but felt compelled to do more research on this amazing woman, explorer and adventurer.

You may remember the  Kaspersky ONE Trans-Antarctic Expedition, in 2012 Felicity became the first explorer/adventurer to ski across Antartica ALONE!  An amazing feat by any measure.  The sheer vastness of this landscape and the feeling of total isolation alone would be hard to ever truly comprehend.  Check out Felicity's blog HERE , and this Youtube about her Trans-Antarctic Expedition HERE .

I am intrigued by the frozen regions of our world, so here's to Felicity Aston, a woman after my own heart.  May her adventures continue to inspire others.

Felicity Aston,
Adventurer and Explorer

There are so many amazing people out there past and present.  Some inspire us with their unlimited supply of strength and compassion for caring for others while others inspire us through their desire to challenge what we know and accept in todays world, be it through health, education, human rights,  inventions, technology, science etc. 

We look forward to celebrating your hero and heroines with you and reading about why you admire these people so much.  

TFL Lou x