Monday, 3 November 2014


Art Every Day Challenge: Yesterday I spent the day papermaking, using paper waste and autumn leaves.  Here are a couple of papers after pressing, the next step is air drying.  I usually peg them to a clothes dryer (clothes horse).

Not sure what I will do with these papers when they have dried but I'm sure inspiration will strike.

Tomorrow I'll be prepping for the UKS Secret Swappers Christmas Collage Swap.

TFL  Lou x


  1. Your papers are beautiful!! i can easily imagine all the art work you can do with them!!

  2. I love paper, almost all my art is made with old books and have been intrigued to make paper as well. Would love to see some how-to's also. Do you have any to recommend?

  3. That is so flippin' cool! I love the colors too. Popping in from AEDM

  4. Your papers are lovely. Coincidentally, I am just gearing up for a papermaking WS in a week or so. Great minds think alike!

  5. These are gorgeous Lou-I need to touch them!!