Sunday, 2 November 2014

In Memory of Nana & Grandad

I have been doing some work to support the To Absent Friends festival, a Scottish festival of Storytelling and Remembrance and as our last day (for the time being) of inspiration at The Weird Scissors was about Dia de los Muertos (The Day of the Dead) I thought I'd create a fabric paper wall hanging in memory of my Grandparents.

Fabric Paper

There are lots of ways to make fabric paper but my favourite is Tissue Paper and Golden Fluid Matte Medium.  Lay a thick piece of plastic down.  I usually start with a white piece of tissue for the base, slap on lots of Golden Fluid Matte Medium and then layer on another piece of tissue of your chosen colour and dab the tissue down with a bit of Matte Medium on your brush and repeat the process 1 more time.  I sometimes add a layer of pages from an old book between the last 2 layers of tissue. You can also mix up your colours, the red page below has orange, pink and reds through it.  You need to leave the paper to dry for a day or 2 and then peel it off the plastic and turn it over to dry the under side.  I usually make lots of different sheets of my Tissue Fabric Paper in one session.  The paper rips nicely, is nice to hand and machine stitch.  It can be used in hand punches and die cutting machines.  I've only ever made it with the Golden Fluid Matte Medium and I know it works. Watered down PVA is too harsh.

Taking the light brown piece of my tissue fabric paper stamp over it with various stamps, I used a harlequin design, an old script and a large crackle stamp all with Antique Photo distress ink.  I wanted to use some Glimmer Mist but the nozzle was blocked, when trying to fix it I dropped a large splodge onto the background, so I ended up mopping it up and sponging it over the paper.  Once dry it was quite bright so I brushed over the background with the distress ink to knock back the colour.

I cut out a large heart from the red tissue paper and then cut out a small rectangle area for the photo to sit behind.  The photo was attached with hand stitching and beads.

I placed the heart on the backgroud and roughly marked around the edge, I then hand stitched and beaded around where the heart will sit.  I needed to pre prick the holes for ease of stitching.

I then attached the heart with slip stitch and covered this up with some couched gold braid.

To finish off the quilt, I pressed it under a couple of very heavy books for a couple of days as it was quite curly. I then attached a large silver cross pendant and then wrapped purple thread around the edges, finishing off with 2 eyelets and ribbon for hanging.

Now taking part in the Art Every Day Challenge  

TFL Lou x

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